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the pattern

the reason why
you would leave behind
a loved one
because you saw
you thought was better
you thought was more
than what you already had
the time spent with one
has nothing to do with
the time spent with the other
it gave you life
for a short period of time
while you had some strife
with the one already in your life
you thought it was good
to move on to the other,
thought it was for the best
you weren’t that bothered
if you’d regret it in the future
you don’t think you really meant
hurting them, you weren’t too sure
if it was the right way to go

but also remember,
you don’t have to do it all over again
the path may exist, been passed many times
but that doesn’t mean you have to go

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#InkTober2016 Day 1: Fast

Today’s Day 1 of #InkTober2016! Here’s my drawing for the day:


Because sometimes, time just goes by real fast.

I stuck with my usual method of making a sketch, lining it with ink, then erasing the pencil marks that show up. In the future, though, I plan on not relying on this method. I want to practice drawing/sketching while just using a pen. :)

Well, here it is! Just a simple drawing. Hope I continue this! Let me know if you’re participating, too. It’d be really cool to know what you have come up with for today :D

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If you want more information on InkTober, just go to their website.

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General Things

We’re both in the same place,
both in the same time
but that might not be enough;
you have to be more specific.

Moving in the same Earth,
breathing the same air,
but that’s not enough for me —
you have to be more specific.

We know the same people,
speak the same language,
but there are other factors to consider;
you have to be more specific.

We might be on the same page,
but we’re not on the same book.
It’s not enough that we’re in the same library —
you have to be more specific.

We’re under the same sky,
seeing the same stars,
but I don’t think that’s enough to reach you;
you have to be more specific.

Being general about your existence
helps in giving us – giving me – hope
that there’s a chance, but how can we be sure?
You have to be more specific.

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We usually think that all we need is a wee bit more time.
More time to think about the things that we’ve done, more time to do all the promises we made, more time to be with the people that we love, and more time to just do what we want to do.

We usually think that is the case, but it’s not always true.

Sometimes, you have enough time, but you just don’t know what to do.
Sometimes, you have a plan, but there is poor execution.
Sometimes, the opportunity is there, but you never take the chance.

It’s either you suck it up, or get in there.
Either give it up, or give it more effort.

There’s always another chance. Always another chance.

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The Wait

I remember
how long I waited
for this moment:
to be part
of your universe;
to be amongst the stars
that you see every night;
to be the clouds that pass by
your house every morning;
the wind that blows
through your short hair,
the water that flows
by the river;
all of these,
I can be part of –
the wait was worth it.

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Something hard to find.
Something hard to grasp.
Something hard to do.

You can’t trust everyone, apparently.
And what’s more stupid is that
I let myself get hurt with mistrust
despite knowing the consequences,
despite knowing what can happen –
despite knowing what has happened before.

It’s during this time
that I want to shut up.
It’s during this time
that I want to sew my mouth shut.
it’s during this time
that I want to just disappear.

In the end,
it’s all my fault anyway.
Nothing much I can do about it.

Let the insult add to injury.
Rub it in my face.
It’s my fault.

I guess there’s nothing else I can do but try again.