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Listening to old songs and unearthing old memories.

As I’m writing this sentence, I’m listening to Ang Bandang Shirley’s Nakauwi Na.

As I listen to this, I remember my commutes back when we still had summer sem in college. The feeling attached to it is mostly melancholic, as I was alone during these months, back in 2013.

I also am a bit surprised that I don’t have a particular “crush” associated with this song. Usually I have one. But for this song, it’s just… the feeling.

I guess during that time, even though I had crushes, and I was going through certain things, I never really got attached to anyone yet. I was just going through the motions, letting life take me wherever.

Even though the song talks about coming home, the song makes me think more of exploration.

Now Di Na Babalik by the same band is playing. This was also one of the songs I kept listening to during those, shall I say, lonely times. It’s still the same though—instead of having a person’s face appear when I listen to this intently, I get more enveloped in a feeling. Again, a melancholic feeling.

These were the days when I was on my own, when I’d take advantage of moments as they came. These songs remind me of those little memory snippets saved in my mind.

I had the urge to share these thoughts as soon as I started playing music. But now I’ll go back to what I was doing.

Thanks for reading!

Chi :)

shorts, thoughts

Summer Romance

I hate summer romance.

It’s the kind of romance that gives you so much hope in everything – you think you found the right person; you feel like he’s the one. No one else but him, no one else right for you. It just… feels right.

But that’s the problem with it: you don’t have to do anything else. It’s perfect. It can stand on its own. It’s a separate memory from everything else.

But why would it be a problem? Isn’t that the best part of it?

Well, summer romances are weird. Time is short, so you find out things about other people faster than usual. Since time is short, you do everything you can, leading to eventful days. Eventful days with you and the other person having fun, experiencing the best times of your lives. Either with yourselves or with each other, it doesn’t matter. Summer gives you a kind of high that no other season can. It makes you do unthinkable things, things that you wouldn’t even consider in the first place.

Summer changes a person. Whether good or bad, it’s up to you.

During summer, things seem better than usual. Or it can be the opposite: things seem worse than usual. That top you used to loathe wearing now seems like something worth wearing, to the point that you want to wear it almost everyday; the food you used to hate suddenly becomes interesting, and you try it out, and find out it’s actually better than you had imagined; that person you used to like so much turns out to be an asshole, and you only realized it now.

And when you tell someone else all of these experiences, you’ll find out they have similar thoughts, too. And you’ll both find similarities with each other. You think you both have something in common; you’ll feel closer.

That’s the illusion of summer. You suddenly feel closer to others. You think you don’t have to say anything else; they understand it perfectly. From the way they talk to you to their body language, you think and feel like you understand perfectly.

It’s summer, anyway. It’ll just pass.

Maybe that’s why summer feels so special. It leaves a mark in your mind every year, so you never forget it. Something always happens, whatever small thing it is, and it’ll leave a mark somewhere.

What if every day was like summer? Then falling in love would be easy.

But it’s not.