poems, thoughts

the pattern

the reason why
you would leave behind
a loved one
because you saw
you thought was better
you thought was more
than what you already had
the time spent with one
has nothing to do with
the time spent with the other
it gave you life
for a short period of time
while you had some strife
with the one already in your life
you thought it was good
to move on to the other,
thought it was for the best
you weren’t that bothered
if you’d regret it in the future
you don’t think you really meant
hurting them, you weren’t too sure
if it was the right way to go

but also remember,
you don’t have to do it all over again
the path may exist, been passed many times
but that doesn’t mean you have to go

random, thoughts

My Wonderboy

Who knew that one day, you’d get to meet the guy of your dreams. Who knew that one day, someone will see you for who you are, not for who they want you to be.

Who knew that one day, you’d fall in love with him.

You never wanted it to happen. You never did want it to happen. You had other plans. Lots and lots of other plans in store for yourself.

You had dreams, ambitions you wanted to reach — far up into the heavens; you wanted to live your life without limits.

But as far as you know, life does have limits. No matter what you do, you will always be taken aback by something, anything – anyone. Someone.

There will always be at least one thing in your life that you have to keep holding on to, no matter what happens. There’s always at least one thing that you hold dear in your heart.

You never wanted to be alone. You held that deep in your heart.

And finally, you meet someone who can give you what you’ve been wanting for all your life. Someone who can fill up the gap, someone who can be your other half.

You finally meet someone you love. Someone who you think can bring you up to the heavens despite still living on earth.

Even after all the hell that you’ve gone through, even if you’ve gotten to the end of the bottomless pit of despair, he still managed to hold your hand and pull you out if it. He still managed to save your life.

Your wonderboy. Your Hercules.

You finally think, maybe this is it.

But there will always be at least one thing that will stop you, one thing to pull you back.

One thing.

Let time fly by, maybe someday, you can finally reach him.