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Listening to old songs and unearthing old memories.

As I’m writing this sentence, I’m listening to Ang Bandang Shirley’s Nakauwi Na.

As I listen to this, I remember my commutes back when we still had summer sem in college. The feeling attached to it is mostly melancholic, as I was alone during these months, back in 2013.

I also am a bit surprised that I don’t have a particular “crush” associated with this song. Usually I have one. But for this song, it’s just… the feeling.

I guess during that time, even though I had crushes, and I was going through certain things, I never really got attached to anyone yet. I was just going through the motions, letting life take me wherever.

Even though the song talks about coming home, the song makes me think more of exploration.

Now Di Na Babalik by the same band is playing. This was also one of the songs I kept listening to during those, shall I say, lonely times. It’s still the same though—instead of having a person’s face appear when I listen to this intently, I get more enveloped in a feeling. Again, a melancholic feeling.

These were the days when I was on my own, when I’d take advantage of moments as they came. These songs remind me of those little memory snippets saved in my mind.

I had the urge to share these thoughts as soon as I started playing music. But now I’ll go back to what I was doing.

Thanks for reading!

Chi :)

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The Wait

I remember
how long I waited
for this moment:
to be part
of your universe;
to be amongst the stars
that you see every night;
to be the clouds that pass by
your house every morning;
the wind that blows
through your short hair,
the water that flows
by the river;
all of these,
I can be part of –
the wait was worth it.

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A Note to Myself:

Don’t you just love the feeling of finishing something you’ve worked so hard on?
Don’t you just love the feeling of finally achieving what you’ve wanted all this time, and knowing the wait was worth it?

The feeling of accomplishment:
knowing that you’ve actually done something in your life.

Let that take over your whole soul. Let it influence every part of your being. Let it flow.

There might come a point wherein you want to do everything imaginable;
just let the thoughts occupy your head while you do one thing at a time. Keep them coming. Write them down if you want.

Just keep on going. Keep on waiting. Do what you have to do. Do what you’ve been doing all this time. Do what you believe is right.

Remember your end goal.