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the pattern

the reason why
you would leave behind
a loved one
because you saw
you thought was better
you thought was more
than what you already had
the time spent with one
has nothing to do with
the time spent with the other
it gave you life
for a short period of time
while you had some strife
with the one already in your life
you thought it was good
to move on to the other,
thought it was for the best
you weren’t that bothered
if you’d regret it in the future
you don’t think you really meant
hurting them, you weren’t too sure
if it was the right way to go

but also remember,
you don’t have to do it all over again
the path may exist, been passed many times
but that doesn’t mean you have to go

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caught in-between

caught in-between
two paths —
once intertwined
now extricated;

both looking
for the same light,
both searching
throughout the night.

by day, they say
they’re never the same
in the end, they create
all this disarray.

one path leads to
the unknown new,
and the other continues —
a little askew?

time will tell
what happens when
they interlock
all over again

or maybe not,
it has yet to come —
two paths untwined
in a steady recline.

shorts, thoughts

One Time

“I’m going to miss you.”

He said, as he hugged me for the last time. The warmth I felt from his body was…  cold. I will never feel this ever again. This is the last time.

“I’m going to miss you, too.”

I reply, as I pull away and avoid staring into his eyes. I don’t want to get caught up in his gaze again. I don’t want to get trapped by his alluring eyes.

“So, any other last words?”


He stares at me with curiosity, wondering what else I would think of saying during a time like this.

I mustered up all my emotions into saying this; it was going to be the last time I will ever feel them.

“I love you.”

I said, holding back the tears from my eyes. I never thought saying those three words will make me cry; this never made me cry. He really did leave a big impact to my life.

“Well, I also have something to say. But I don’t think you’ll believe me.”

I told him I don’t believe that he still loves me even with everything that’s happened. I could never believe that; the fact that he loves someone else says a lot. If he loves someone else, then he loves only that someone else; not me. It was never me.

“… Go ahead. I’ll believe you this one time.”

Hell, it was going to be the last time we’d ever talk like this. I’m not going to let him lose the one thing he can say that was still sort of true.

“Mm, I have a secret.”

It was how we always told each other how we loved each other.

“What is it?”

I would always ask that, even if I knew the answer. Even if I knew the secret, it was always better to ask in order to confirm what was in the mind of the other.

“I love you, too.”

Those words pierced me like a fine needle trying to mend my broken heart. After this, I told myself, now, I’m finally free. He’s finally free.

I believed him, for that one time. Only that one time now; that for at least a moment when we were still together, he loved me. No one else; he loved me with all his heart.

After this, we both stood up and started walking our separate ways. I know that at the end of his road, he hopes to find the girl of his dreams. His 100% perfect girl. I’m sure he’ll find her there, at some point.

And what about me?

What’s at the end of my road?

I still don’t know what to expect; I can only assume.

And this time, I’m just hoping for the best.