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Listening to old songs and unearthing old memories.

As I’m writing this sentence, I’m listening to Ang Bandang Shirley’s Nakauwi Na.

As I listen to this, I remember my commutes back when we still had summer sem in college. The feeling attached to it is mostly melancholic, as I was alone during these months, back in 2013.

I also am a bit surprised that I don’t have a particular “crush” associated with this song. Usually I have one. But for this song, it’s just… the feeling.

I guess during that time, even though I had crushes, and I was going through certain things, I never really got attached to anyone yet. I was just going through the motions, letting life take me wherever.

Even though the song talks about coming home, the song makes me think more of exploration.

Now Di Na Babalik by the same band is playing. This was also one of the songs I kept listening to during those, shall I say, lonely times. It’s still the same though—instead of having a person’s face appear when I listen to this intently, I get more enveloped in a feeling. Again, a melancholic feeling.

These were the days when I was on my own, when I’d take advantage of moments as they came. These songs remind me of those little memory snippets saved in my mind.

I had the urge to share these thoughts as soon as I started playing music. But now I’ll go back to what I was doing.

Thanks for reading!

Chi :)

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[NaPoWriMo 2015] To: Ian

Hello everyone, I am back! This is for the twelfth prompt! I went back to the simple things, and talked about what was dear to me. :)

To: Ian

Your large back tells me
you have shouldered a lot throughout your life.

Your big hands let me know
what you want to hold so dearly and lovingly.

Your eyes shine whenever you smile
and it brightens up your face, raises up your cheeks.

Your hair is soft, and flows when the wind hits.
They speak of your soft nature underneath the strong and bulky stature that you possess.

Your arms are long enough
to wrap around me full circle, and to make me feel protected.

Your nose reminds me
and lets me know what I have little of.

Your lips heal my thirst,
and your ears are open for words.

Your voice brings music
into my life–even if sometimes, it is a beat off.

Your name lets me know
that you are there, that you are there for me.

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(on the dance floor)

You never did remember me.

I danced with you that moment; orange dress, dancing shoes, beads of sweat forming along with the beat that you could feel creeping up your bones as you swayed with the music —

alone; looking for a partner to dance with, through the colorful lights that lit up the whole dance floor; through the sea of people moving their bodies to the music —

introducing yourself to me: we bow to each other, and as you held my hand, we let our bodies do all the work; dancing to the beat of the music, our shoes feeling lightweight, our hips swaying and beads of sweat dripping —

turn to here, walk to there; twirl me here, I go back there; on and on, we dance to the tune, we boogie while the beat’s still there, no signs of stopping —

by the time the music stops playing, we slowly drift away each other; we move on our lives, dancing throughout the night —

time passes by, I see you pass by —

I say hi —

— you didn’t even wave goodbye.