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Listening to old songs and unearthing old memories.

As I’m writing this sentence, I’m¬†listening to¬†Ang Bandang Shirley’s¬†Nakauwi Na.

As I listen to this, I remember my commutes back when we still had summer sem in college. The feeling attached to it is mostly melancholic, as I was alone during these months, back in 2013.

I also am a bit surprised that I don’t have a particular “crush”¬†associated with this song.¬†Usually I have one. But for this¬†song, it’s just… the feeling.

I guess during that time, even though I had crushes, and I was going through certain things, I never really got attached to anyone yet. I was just going through the motions, letting life take me wherever.

Even though the song talks about coming home, the song makes me think more of exploration.

Now¬†Di Na Babalik by the same band is playing. This was also one of the songs I kept listening to during those, shall I say, lonely times.¬†It’s still the same though‚ÄĒinstead of having a person’s face appear when I listen to this intently,¬†I get more¬†enveloped in a feeling. Again, a melancholic feeling.

These were the days when I was¬†on my own,¬†when I’d take advantage of moments as they came. These songs remind me of those little memory snippets saved in my mind.

I had the urge to share these thoughts as soon as I started playing music. But¬†now I’ll go back¬†to what I was doing.

Thanks for reading!

Chi :)