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After All’s Been Said and Done

You know what’s not easy?
Being in love – it’s never easy
you think you’re crazy
but you’re not really —
but actually
you might be
just really crazy
all your words come out weirdly
your tongue-tied in a knot
from trying to make a ribbon for you
your hands are entangled in your hair
forming a scarf with your fingers
from your combing
because you’re nervous
you know what I feel?
I’m feeling all weirdly queasy
– I’m in love;
it’s a sickness and I’m happy
I’m seriously happy
that I’m sick like this
even if I’m the only one
being queasy
in love and happy
it’s okay for me;
at least now you see
that I like you
I’ll just let you be.

Here is the spoken word version: https://soundcloud.com/chiawase/after-alls-been-said-and-done
It seems better as a spoken word poem, but I guess it can stand on its own, too. :)

poems, spoken word, thoughts


It’s funny now I suddenly took notice of you
the first time I saw you sitting there
at the corner, with your things
just doing your thing,
and I’m doing mine
Yet I still notice you smiling.

I never really thought of it that much
that it would amount to this;
I never really thought I would like you
out of all the people, you.

I’m not really expecting anything.
I don’t think I have a chance, actually
With someone as vague as me,
I don’t know if you’d actually
really do feel the same way

It’d be nice to know if you did.
It’d be really nice to know if you did.
I hope my heart gets filled with joy
the moment I decide on telling you
what I really feel.

What am I feeling?
What am I thinking?
I like you.
I really do like you.
Because you’re you.
You’re… who you really are.
And that’s pretty interesting.

I don’t want to hope on anything;
I might just get disappointed
or hurt and all those feelings
I just want to know
how you’d react if
someone told you they liked you

It’s weird that I’m trying this out.
I wonder what you would say, though?

Please tell me, please do.
That’s all I really want from you.


on a side note, I’ve been making a lot of spoken word lately. But I think this one can stand on their own. XD

To those who’d like to hear the spoken word version, here’s a link: https://soundcloud.com/crazeythechi/confession