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[NaPoWriMo 2015] To: Ian

Hello everyone, I am back! This is for the twelfth prompt! I went back to the simple things, and talked about what was dear to me. :)

To: Ian

Your large back tells me
you have shouldered a lot throughout your life.

Your big hands let me know
what you want to hold so dearly and lovingly.

Your eyes shine whenever you smile
and it brightens up your face, raises up your cheeks.

Your hair is soft, and flows when the wind hits.
They speak of your soft nature underneath the strong and bulky stature that you possess.

Your arms are long enough
to wrap around me full circle, and to make me feel protected.

Your nose reminds me
and lets me know what I have little of.

Your lips heal my thirst,
and your ears are open for words.

Your voice brings music
into my life–even if sometimes, it is a beat off.

Your name lets me know
that you are there, that you are there for me.

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[NaPoWriMo 2015] useless words

This is for the seventh prompt! It’s all about the money. A little too much, maybe.

I placed a screenshot instead of the actual text because it has some weird formatting. Also, now you guys know my name. Haha.

Hope you like it. :)

NaPo 7 : useless words

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[NaPoWriMo 2015] morning routine

This is for the sixth prompt! When I read this prompt, it got me excited. *wink*

Haha! Anyway. I enjoyed making this. Hope you like it! :)

morning routine

let’s have some coffee, shall we
while we stir our elements together
inside, one, two, three
just in time to drink it hot, like the weather

who cares if it’s the first, or the second day
so as long as the sun rises on your pan
time just flies fast past us anyway
better use it wisely by making a plan

what to do today, you think out loud
I say, I’m here, I’m ready
now I’m served with more than I’m allowed
now we’re taking this nice and steady

and now the time has set–still
the white light peeks into my humble abode
now be careful, lest you spill
I’m ready to take all of your load

Lean on me, dear, I am here
before you go on and start out your day
open your ears and hear
my serenade; now, go on your way.

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[NaPoWriMo 2015] What Happened

This is for the fifth prompt! We’re supposed to write–or re-write–a poem made by Emily Dickinson. I chose this because the “title” (or what served as a title) seemed interesting.

The poem you’re about to read is an account of my journey through the whole poem.

I honestly don’t know what happened. Haha!

What Happened

(after Emily Dickinson’s poem number 656)

It’s 6:00AM.
I started early and took my dog for a walk in the park.
Then I visited the sea to see the mermaids in the basement of the shore.

It’s 6:45AM.
She came out to look at me and frigates suddenly appeared in the upper floor of the sea.
They seem to want to separate my dog and me.

It’s 6:50AM.
Extended hempen hands reached out to my dog.
Then we were aground upon the sands of the ocean ship.

It’s 6:52AM.
My dog and I went down from the ship, and bid good bye to the mermaids aboard.
We proceeded to the shore.

It’s 12:00NN.
I lie down on the shore, having no plan of leaving.
My dog’s begging me to go home, yet I don’t move.

It’s 3:05PM.
My dog’s barking at me, pulling at my hair, and I can hear his stomach grumbling.
I don’t.

It’s 5:00PM.
My dog went home on his own, while I lay on the sands near the shore, feeling the waves.
No man moved me till the tide went past my simple shoe, past my apron and my belt, and past my bodice, too.

It’s 6:00PM.
A man passed by the shore, his pants rolled up ’till his thighs.
And as he made his way to me, he sat by my side.

It’s 7:00PM.
We fell in love suddenly, and as the shores and waves kissed, we also did.
He would then eat me up as wholly as a dew upon a dandelion’s sleeve.

It’s 7:30PM.
And then I started too.
We started making love.

It’s 8:02PM.
I was ready to let go.
And he, he followed close behind.

It’s 8:10PM.
We both laid our backs to the shore.
Took a deep breath, and let the waves become our blanket.

It’s 12:00AM.
We were tired from tonight’s ordeal and both stood up to stretch.
I felt his silver heel upon my ankle, and to our surprise, my shoes overflowed with pearls.

It’s 12:25AM.
There was a solid town no one seemed to know existed in the pearls.
The mayor went out of his shell.

It’s 12:50AM.
After much debate, he took my shoe with them to the shore.
And bowing with a mighty look at me, the sea withdrew.

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[NaPoWriMo 2015] repetition of tasks

This is for the fourth prompt! And I love it also. (even if the prompt says we should do otherwise, haha)

The prompt for today asks us to make a “loveless” love poem, and I took it a step further. ;) Plus, I’ve been itching to make a code poem for a while now, so yeah. Hope you enjoy! *wink*

repetition of tasks

while roused:
 move in deliberately
 make(careful strokes)
 !(lose your grip)
 suck it up
 perform(you > better)
 if you > limit:
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[NaPoWriMo 2015] Conversations

This is for the third prompt, wherein we write a fourteener. I wanted to write something more… cheerful, but this is what came into my mind last night. And I couldn’t think of anything else to write for that matter. So, here you go.


I have come to the point wherein I don’t want to tell you
all the negative things that have been going through my mind
and it’s really scary because if I have reached this point
distance may grow more between us after each passing day
I don’t want this to happen at all; I want to stop it
yet I know that the more I try, the more it keeps growing
into a monster that cannot be tamed simply by will
If my will was weak, I would have been devoured already
yet I am still here, talking about this monstrosity
in an attempt to tame the monster that is inside me
I won’t let this monster take over me so easily
and I hope I will be able to talk to you again
knowing that I don’t have to hide anything anymore
because there is no use in hiding what is truly there.

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[NaPoWriMo 2015] Yearning

Just like that, I finished another poem for NaPo. I originally wanted to publish this one for my entry, but I couldn’t finish it earlier, so that’s why I made another one instead. But when I saw this in my notepad program, I didn’t want to just erase it all, so I thought, “hey, why not finish it?”

And there you have it.

Again, this is for the second prompt.


Why do we purposely connect
things that are unrelated?
Associating stars with wishes,
spaces in-between as links
making awe-inspiring images–
why do we choose to project
our symbols somewhere else?
All around us we have enough
signs to use as guides for things
that happen in our lives
yet we still choose to look further
the greater the distance,
the greater the yearning
why do we wish to attain
what is not here?

Do we find comfort
in our faraway thoughts
That we yearn what we don’t have
and what we have lost?
Do we fill in the emptiness
that is inside of us
with the uncertainty
of what’s to come?
Is that the reason why
we associate stars with wishes
and the spaces in-between
serve as links to make
our hopes and dreams?