poems, thoughts

the pattern

the reason why
you would leave behind
a loved one
because you saw
you thought was better
you thought was more
than what you already had
the time spent with one
has nothing to do with
the time spent with the other
it gave you life
for a short period of time
while you had some strife
with the one already in your life
you thought it was good
to move on to the other,
thought it was for the best
you weren’t that bothered
if you’d regret it in the future
you don’t think you really meant
hurting them, you weren’t too sure
if it was the right way to go

but also remember,
you don’t have to do it all over again
the path may exist, been passed many times
but that doesn’t mean you have to go


(unwanted) feelings

night time
I’m fast asleep
Or i want to, at least
I want some peace
And quiet, please
Then they come
Here they come
They come quietly
Slowly creeping in
Slowly creeping in
Slowly creeping in
I don’t want it
Slowly creeping in
I don’t want this
Slowly creeping
Don’t want you
They don’t stop
They don’t stop
They don’t
Stop it
I don’t want it
Go away
Go away
Slowly creeping in
It hurts
It hurts
I don’t want it
I don’t want this
I don’t want
Slowly recede back
Hidden from sight
No more, I say
The calm has returned
I have peace
And quiet, at least
Now, go back to sleep
Go back to sleep
You’ll forget this
In the morning

poems, random


that’s what you are.
waking up with the stars,
you think time has gone far—
comprehension went out
and said, “au revoir,”
leaving you alone
at an ungodly hour

that’s what we become
when you press to call
just to get some
food that’s already out
ready, you only need to come
outside, it’s ready
yet you don’t, and become glum

that’s what these phrases
have become, trying to
come to its senses
there really is no point in saying
all these sentences
it’s only a matter of time
before it ends


poems, random

boys don’t cry

but i’m not a boy
and i do cry
and i did cry
over the simple things
you wouldn’t even believe why

and how i
really ruin a great day
a great night
a nice drive
all green lights
a smooth ride
and yet why
do i always
ruin it
i won’t

i don’t want to
i don’t want to
ruin your
things, for
i know
i do

the worth of
keeping things
in place
where one thing goes
in a space
how things should be
in many ways
i know
i do

boys don’t cry
i’ve already said i’m sorry
but i know
that doesn’t change anything

poems, random

right to left

maybe some things are better
left unsaid:
the issue that counts as unneeded stress,
the discomfort felt by not being blessed,
the feelings developed that went nowhere,
the anger that makes one glare;

maybe some things are better
left alone:
instead of meddling with the matters of others,
let them deal with it on their own.
instead of always getting tired being with others,
let your self rest by being alone.

maybe some things are better
right where they are.

poems, random


is a
that is
inside my
self; a hunger
for a certain kind
of attention, a particular
familiar sensation, longing
for that comfort you let me feel;
continuously searching, continuously
growing impatient of waiting; the want
for your love, for more of your love, grows
deep inside my brittle core, clawing the walls
of my sanctuary, i fear it’s getting unhealthy to
always have this craving, this desire for your warmth
your touch, your entire being, deep inside my own soul;
no need to look elsewhere, i know i will find what i
am looking for, what i have always needed and
wanted, i can and will find it in you, it has
always been the case, i have the power
to choose


and i have the power to wait.