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Plans for December + New Phone!

First off, I was planning on doing what was done in this Medium article¬†every day¬†this month, but¬†because of work, I might have to just reduce that to “do something like this when you have the time. Do at least 10 of these.” Plus, I don’t have a sketchpad ready for¬†these kinds of things‚ÄĒI’d rather not mix¬†these with my personal sketches‚ÄĒso there’s that, too.

Either way, I’ll post them here when I have the time, and I¬†will¬†set some time aside for it. I want to see what I can create by doing this method of “seeing”. :)

Another update for me is that I got a new phone last Tuesday! It’s a OnePlus 3. I got it from KimstorePH. :D

The experience has been great so far! Although this is coming from someone who¬†owned an O+ 8.91 for around¬†4 years,¬†maybe? (Wow, it’s been that long?)¬†It’s refreshing to use a new phone, and one that I think will last long with me. ^_^ I hope I can create some apps¬†by testing it with this phone.

I just wanted to share a bit of my life here again. I normally do that online via Twitter, but there’s a different¬†feeling when you write¬†things down in a semi-orderly manner. Hehe. I¬†also want to keep¬†updating this blog of mine,¬†for I think it’s good practice when it comes to¬†forming coherent sentences and getting points across.¬†I know¬†I need to hone those skills.

That’s it for now. Until next time! Hopefully I post some kind of sketch or update :)


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